Friday, August 24, 2012

Lindsay LaSalla

This is Lindsay LaSalla, she's a new hair and makeup artist in South Florida.   After working with her on the Shay Hummel (see link below) boudoir shoot we just wanted to get to know her better because this girl is amazing.   So we invited her for a shoot and asked her for a little interview.  (Check out her video of this shoot! See below)
For this shoot we went for an old Hollywood vibe.  The goal was to add another shoot to the Chicks with Bow series but the red bow kinda disappeared when this bombshell took the stage, so I thought forget the bow!  So it's there if you look hard....but I understand if you don't notice.  :D

Lindsay's video of our shoot:

I asked Lindsay some questions.  What's the best part of giving people makeovers? The best part of giving people makeovers is me feeling the goodness of how good they feel after their all made up. Its just like if you had a girls day and got a facial, nails done, hair done, did your makeup, got all sexy to go for a night out. The feeling after getting all the girly stuff done is amazing!! 

Do you like doing makeup more than hair?  I am torn between which I love more makeup or hair but if I absolutely had to choose it would be makeup over lets say hair cutting. But when it comes to coloring hair I love it just as much! I love anything that has to do with makes all the difference.

Would you share a cool tip for our readers?  A good tip is if your trying to hide a bigger nose, I always put a cream highlighter right in the crease of your outer nostril and cheek. It makes your cheeks look a little plumper and it hides your nose! I also like to put a little highlighter over my concealer in the inner corners the eye. It really helps with the dark circles!  (Ohhhh, good tip!!!)

What was it like doing Fashion Week in Miami?  Fashion week in Miami was a great experience. I loved how you sat and waited on all the models to get to your chair all day but 10 minutes before the show was on they all show up lol!! It definitely was a lot of fun though and a great accomplishment. 

What do most girls do or don't do that would really help them with the makeup? Most people to me don't understand that whenever you put a cream base on your face such as foundation, concealer, cream blush, cream highlighter...You should always powder after or else the makeup will just move and slide right out of where you placed it. I suggest anything from a translucent powder or even a foundation powder for more coverage!  (Oh!  Another excellent tip!)

What's it like modeling for Pretty Muse?  Modeling for pretty muse was amazing! I felt so comfortable and could be myself. Knowing it was my first photo shoot, I didn't feel nervous at all and that has a lot to do with the environment and people your around. Pretty Muse made me feel right at home and I think that is what makes Pretty Muse's work one of a kind!  (Thank you Lindsay, we know it's important to get people to relax and show them how to move in and out of poses and even when to look somber or silly.  But you were absolutely fabulous girl!)

What got you into hair and makeup?   I always loved doing other people's hair and makeup if they were going out. I wanted to expand on it and learn more. Attending Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry taught me that there is so much more than just beauty makeup. You can do so much more with it like special effects, airbrushing, body art, face painting, bridal, high fashion...Once I learned how fascinating makeup was I thought to myself the more under my belt the better. Why wouldn't I love doing hair to? Now involved in Cosmetology school I found that I do love it, and as long as your doing something you love its never another day of work in your life. 

One of the things I like about working with Lindsay is how calming she is to everyone around her.  She has that touch that I want from a HMUA, someone gentle yet confident.  Soothing and like a spa on legs. Lol.  No seriously she clearly LOVES what she's doing and it shows.  Her attention to detail is impeccable.  She cares a great deal that everything is exactly as I want it.  Now, having her as a model was a double surprise, she really has something special that the camera loves.  Thank you Lindsay, looking forward to our next shoot together!  And you can tell any photographer that I can't recommend you higher.  You are top notch and going places!!!!

If you'd like to see more of Lindsay's work please visit her at:

Her video of our shoot:

Would you like to see Shay Hummel's shoot?

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